Maker Faire Galicia Online Community

Seen with some perspective, one of the good things that the pandemic brought was to get us out of our comfort zone and put our heads to work looking for new solutions. In our case, it served to remove mental barriers and propose an online format of a concept as physical as Maker Faire.

Thanks to this, Maker Faire Galicia reached makers from more than 50 countries and today we have more than 4500 makers registered on our online platform where, by the way, the contents of the 2021 edition are already available.Reaching all these countries has made us know other realities that we are sure will make us grow on a personal level, as an event and as a platform.

But from the organization we want this community to continue growing and that is why today we announce that the Maker Faire Galicia online platform will offer content throughout the year. These contents will be closely related to the world of innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and the maker ecosystem and will be both talks, workshops or other types of activities in which we will share knowledge openly. We would like you to be part of proposing these contents, so if you have any suggestions in this regard, we invite you to do so through our social networks.

The first content that we will offer will be a super interesting talk related to the brain-machine connection, which will be organized by our friends from NeuroTechGAL and Citic. The talk will be held next Thursday, July 8 at 6:00 p.m. (Spanish time), don't miss it!