Keisha Howard, a world leader in diversity and inclusion in video games

If we are proud of something at Maker Faire Galicia, it is to be one of the Maker events that is most committed to diversity and inclusion in all areas. As we like to think big, this year it occurred to us to knock on the door of a world leader in this regard and that works in one of the most powerful and influential industries, videogames. She is Keisha Howard and she will be with us in the 2021 edition of Maker Faire Galicia.

Keisha (Chicago, 1984) is the founder of Sugar Gamers, a community of passionate videogames and Geek culture that promotes diversity and inclusion in a sector where this is often not contemplated.

In addition to this, with two TED talks on her resume, Keisha is a well-known speaker around the world and one ahead of her time, who is able to visualize where the video game industry, Esports and technology can go .

During these years Keisha has worked with companies such as SYFY, Watchmojo, AT&T, HBO, Nintendo, HTC, Microsoft or Google, among others.

For her, video games are much more than leisure, they are a system of ideas and processes that can inspire people and move them to action.

If on June 3 in the afternoon (Spanish time) you had a plan, you are already canceling it because we will have the great Keisha Howard live at Maker Faire Galicia :)