Technological solutions for industrial digitization

At Maker Faire Galicia we are aware that the industrial ecosystem is increasingly concerned with efficiency, sustainability and productivity. These objectives, on many occasions, are addressed with the implementation of technological tools and products.

However, it is not always easy to find solutions in a market full of such diverse providers. In fact, in many cases, the main problem they have is distinguishing those tools that are most interesting to them, and prioritizing their implementation.

Next Tuesday, October 26 at 09:00 (time in Spain), we will have the participation in a round table of 4 leading companies such as Situm, Lupeon, Teimas and Docuten. Under the name "Technological solutions for industrial digitization", this round table aims to identify the main challenges and concerns faced by companies in the industrial sector.

Víctor Álvarez, Luis Mandayo, Miguel Varela and Daniel Cerqueiro will shed some light on the different technological solutions that can help them achieve their strategic objectives. We wait for you!