All the workshops of the Maker Faire Galicia 2021

There is less than a month left for Maker Faire Galicia 2021 and we can already start announcing some of the activities that we have closed for this edition.

Professional Days (Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 June)

If you have had a great idea, but when thinking about how to transfer it to the real world you have been raised with a lot of legal questions, do not worry! LegalTech will help you with their workshop on "How to start a company and not die trying" where they will try to make the Civil Code your new best friend.

If you want to become familiar with the use of cryptocurrencies and be part of this new economy, you cannot miss the practical workshop given by Antonino Comesaña from Agalbit, you will get in touch with the crypto community from the hand of experts.

At the moment we are in, it is essential to have advanced cloud-based management software that facilitates communication between our colleagues. Therefore, Jorge Vázquez from Sinerkia will offer us a workshop on Odoo software.

One more year we will have Belén Pérez and David González, who will explain to us how to apply cybersecurity in our day-to-day lives, thus completing the excellent training they gave at the Maker Faire Galicia 2020.

Education Day (Friday, June 4)

During the education day we will also have numerous workshops and activities, which will delight teachers and students of all ages, then we will comment on some of the most outstanding ones.

From the hand of Alquimétricos and his workshop "Plastic Alchemists" you will learn about circular economy and through the recycling of plastic bags you will build an icosahedron, the fundamental geodesic structure. Fun and learning are guaranteed in this workshop, which will feature another session at the Open Days on the weekend.

From VermisLAB they propose a very interesting workshop to enter the world of robotics through the VEX virtual environment, thus allowing teachers not to depend on having the technology physically in the classroom to teach robotics.

Dani Sanz, from, will bring us closer to Micro: BIT through Microsoft's MakeCode platform and shows us the educational potential of him creating video games.

Again this year we have Ferrán Fábregas, who will explain to us how to teach robotics through the RIE Method. This workshop will take place at 5:30 p.m. and requires prior registration, the first 5 to receive a totally free KIT at home from Marcombo. If you want to be one of the lucky ones, you can register for the workshop by clicking here.

This year we will also have a Computational Thinking and 3D modeling / printing workshop led by Artur Coelho, who will teach us to model on mobile devices or tablets.

Deseño e Son, meanwhile, will teach us to create tactile maps in 3D printing, an inclusive project that has been developing for some time in collaboration with the ONCE foundation, Aspronaga and Aspanaes; where they use technology as a help tool to meet special needs and make other realities visible.

From the hand of Carmen Núñez we will enter the world of Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning for Kids. Safety pin!

Nilson Fabían Díaz Martinez, Professor at the Universidad Libre Cali, will teach us how to transform recyclable solid waste into low-cost tangible material in his workshop "Low-cost Maker Solutions with CAD digital educational resources".

Also this year we will have the Edu Open Space, an event to reflect on education in which the attendees are the protagonists themselves. Starting from educational innovation as the central axis, each of you can propose a related topic that interests you to discuss during the event. You can send your suggestions through this form until May 26.

Finally, from Maker Faire Galicia we want to give the creation and development of video games the prominence it deserves, and for this we are going to organize our second Game Maker Jam.

Open Days (Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 June)

In the open days, which will be held on June 5 and 6, we will also have a wide variety of workshops for all audiences, which, as in previous days, will be totally free.

LegalTech, returns with the workshop "How not to mess it up being creative: intellectual property for dummies", where in a very pleasant way they will bring us closer to intellectual property and all the legal issues to do with the daily life of the / asmakers, with cases Practicals, policy briefs and lots and lots of legal information.

VermisLAB will also be present at the open days, offering introductory workshops to the development of basic video games; rocket science and creation; creative electronics with conductive modeling clay and finally DIY holograms.

We will once again have the Digital Toy Library at the hands of Chafarís, the perfect activity for the youngest members of the household.

Finally, on Sunday we will close with a workshop on computer vision using neural networks, given by Ana Julia Escobar, an active member of the Schlumberger AI laboratory. We finished in style! : D

You can consult the schedules of the different live workshops on the platform during the fair, so you can organize and enjoy all the content that we have prepared for this year 2021.

In the coming weeks we will update this post with more news, so stay tuned :)