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Alexandre García Caballero

Psychiatrist and doctor of medicine with a thesis on the neuropsychology of dementias.
In 2012 he began the design of a rehabilitation program for social cognition called e-motionaltraining that was financed by the PRIS I program of the Xunta in competitive competition. e-motionaltraining received numerous awards, including the II national e-VIA award in 2015 for the best project in e-Health, the award for the best health video game 2016 for Second Chance or the Albert Jovell Award for Humanization in medicine 2018. The program continues in use financed by the National Plan on Drugs with an international research project.
In 2019 he was IP of the STARS-PCP program, a project to reduce psychological stress in surgical patients. This team experience was essential for the design of the COPERIA platform, financed by GAIN, an online instrument for remote physical, respiratory and cognitive monitoring and rehabilitation of patients with Persistent COVID.
Dr. García Caballero was an associate professor of psychiatry at USC. He is co-author of numerous international articles in JCR journals and supervised 3 doctoral theses.He has also been working as a psychiatrist at SERGAS for 25 years.At this time he is coordinator of the prevention and mental health promotion programs of the Xunta de Galicia.

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