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Code Week is a movement that promotes digital creativity, problem solving, and collaboration through programming and other technology activities. Its goal is to promote programming and teach young people and adults to make their ideas come true through programming.

Code Week offers training opportunities for educators, such as online courses and webinars, and also maintains a website ( where you can find a wealth of resources for teaching and learning about technology and programming. Code Week is comprised of a network of volunteers, made up of educators, ambassadors, and officials dedicated to bringing programming to every classroom.



Tommaso Dalla Vecchia

At European Schoolnet since 2012, he has been working on many different projects and initiatives. Tommaso is involved in awareness raising, education and training projects, especially in the area of digital skills and coding. He currently supports the expansion of Code Week.

Eugenia Casariego

Eugenia is working on European Schoolnet, contributing to the educational aspects of Code Week: supporting the development of pedagogical materials for schools, assisting with the resource website and helping with the development of online courses.

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