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CoderDojo is an international inclusive movement that emerged in 2011 in Ireland with the aim of teaching girls, boys and young people to program, there are currently 2,300 clubs in more than 113 countries. It is an open and free initiative, to promote the training of minors (who are called ninjas) with the participation of adults, whether they are parents or mentors of our social volunteering.

In our dojo, the ninjas learn how to program, develop websites, mobile applications or video games. We prepare activities in which they will learn programming with various levels of difficulty, using applications adapted to different ages: Scratch, micro:bit, AppInventor, Arduino, HTML, etc. as well as different electronic elements. We also encourage you to develop your own maker projects.

CoderDojo Girls is our initiative for the participation of girls in the Dojo

Inclusion and accessibility are fundamental principles of the CoderDojo Movement: our vision is that all children and young people should have the opportunity to learn STEAM, programming and maker culture and to be creative people in a fun, social and safe environment.

The operation is not of a traditional kind, but rather it works in interest groups, posing new challenges. They are grouped by affinity with each other and are guided or advised by the different mentors, who collaborate by transmitting their knowledge and experience.

Due to the confinement, we are in virtual mode, but when possible, we will return to face-to-face or hybrid mode in the classrooms of the UPV's Higher Technical School of Design Engineering.



Bernat Llopis

Co-founder and coordinator of the non-profit association ByL Iniciatives Educatives (ByLinedu) and CoderDojo Valencia. Professor of FP in Valencia. INTEF tutor. Trainer of trainers. Dynamizing projects to promote inclusion and reduction of the digital divide, developing activities in different STEAM fields.



Loli Iborra

Co-founder of the ByLinEdu Association where we bring technology closer to those people who due to different circumstances cannot or have not been able to have technology at their fingertips. Responsible for volunteering at CoderDojo Valencia de Bylinedu. Workshop teacher in the Socio-Labor Insertion Program of the Sed-vies Project of the Socio-educational Association Escolapia.



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