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Pablo de Miguel Morales

Maker of Autofabricantes. Autofabricantes was born as a research project within Medialab Prado in the period 2015-2017. Develops and researches in the community and open source aimed at improving the autonomy of people with functional diversity.

Jorge Sánchez López (Simón)

Engineer and co-director of Centro CeLeO. CeLeO is a center whose motto is communication is a right. It was born in 1998 as a speech therapy and training center, becoming a publisher and audiovisual productive. It also develops projects where diversity becomes the engine of social, human and economic development and thus build/use spaces for coexistence for "tutti"

Xoan España

Director general and transformation of Amicos. Graduate in Pharmacy, Specialist in Management of European Funds and Postgraduate in Management of Social Innovation from Esade. More than 20 years dedicated to the management of Social and Solidarity Economy Entities. Amicos is an entity created in the year 2000 for the care and integration of people with intellectual disabilities, autism, paralysis, brain damage and their families. It has various service areas (Pekes, Adults, Alliances & Employment and Transformation) that provide support to more than 1,200 people with disabilities in the different centers and services they manage.

Pablo Vilariño

Tyflotechnology and Braille Instructor

Selina Otero

Professional journalist specialising in Education, Health Service and Research and Innovation. Study of different topics in depth and trends. Over fifteen years experience in Media (including different sections), as well as in Institutional Press Offices (Media relations and Communications consulting). First degree in Journalism, with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Communication. Additional training regarding different languages, Marketing, Communication strategies, Web design and Social networks. Professional experience including abroad conference coverages (both Press and Event Management purposes) in the United Kingdom, Morocco, New York, Portugal, Brussels or Shanghai, among others.

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