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The best thing that can happen to us on a professional level is that we can live from what we like, that makes work practically a game. This, literally, is what happens to many Game Makers, who have paid off thousands of hours playing the console well.

The members of this table will talk to us about how they realized that they wanted to make a living by playing games, what needs and opportunities they see in the sector today and what their vision is for the coming years.



Marta Trivi

Cultural journalist specialized in video games, coordinates the AnaitGames website and participates weekly in the Reload podcast, the most listened to video game program in Spanish. She is the scriptwriter of the documentary series Nerfeadas, she has participated as an author in publications such as ¡Protesto!: videogames from a gender perspective or Deux Ex.



David Ferriz

David Ferriz with more than 20 years of experience in the video game industry, is co-founder, graphic artist and game designer of DevilishGames. Currently, his company has two lines of business, on the one hand there are the advertising and educational video games that it develops for clients through its Spherical Pixel brand, and the second is the independent video games that it creates under the DevilishGames label and self-publishes. on mobile devices, PC and Consoles.



Mauricio García

Mauricio García is the CEO of The Game Kitchen and the producer of 'Blasphemous', one of the best-selling Spanish indies and record funding on Kickstarter. In addition, Mauricio is dedicated to training the new generation of entrepreneurs in video game development, he is a mentor and investor in new equipment.



Laksmy Irigoyen Regueiro

Laksmy Irigoyen is the Lead Producer of The Waylanders, a game by Gato Studio, located in A Coruña, and which is currently in early access on Steam and GOG. She has a doctorate in Game Studies from the University of Santiago de Compostela and among her specialized publications are those that address the narrative construction in games through mechanics. In addition, she collaborates as an editor with TodosGamers, a blog that combines video games and feminism, and with Mola! Subculture in Galego, where she addresses the video game.


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