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In this talk, I will take a tour of my academic and professional career, sharing anecdotes from my life that were key to my personal development. My main message is the importance of being true to oneself to dedicate ourselves to what makes us happy; In my case, science and communication. Among the points that I will address are: the importance of references in adolescence, the choice of career, the learning of the doctorate, my (in) experience as a Secondary Education teacher and my facet as a scientific disseminator.

In times when there seems to be an obsession with specialization, I claim the advantages of multidisciplinary training to be a good professional. In this sense, the performing arts, languages, music, dance, volunteering and reading, which accompanied me throughout my life, made me the scientist and populariser that they are today.


Eva Cabanelas Dopazo


Eva Cabanelas (Ourense, 1988) is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, a Science teacher and a scientist disseminator. She was a fellow of the Barrié Founded in 2015, she carried out a research stay at the Institute of Virology and Immunology of Bern (Switzerland). In 2019, she obtained the Extraordinary Doctorate Award at the University of Santiago de Compostela. She has various publications in scientific and outreach journals in the Animal Health area.

She is a semifinalist in the Famelab Spain 2017 scientific monologue contest, winner of the BCNspiracy 2020 nanotalk contest and one of the promoters of the Ciencia Calidade Scientific Monologue Contest in Galician. Currently, she combines her teaching work with scientific dissemination and giving talks and workshops in schools and institutes. 
Collaborator of XuvenCiencia, a science camp for high school students that the USC carries out in Lugo, she is working on the project "Scientific monologues at school" to bring the scientific dissemination closer to secondary education.


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