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Miguel Varela

Miguel Varela is a founding partner and CEO of TEIMAS, a company specialized in the development of technological solutions for waste management, focused on regulatory compliance, data traceability and the development of environmental sustainability strategies.

A computer engineer from the University of A Coruña, he is the founder of the environmental sector debate group Laboratorio de Ideas de Residuos (LIR) and the news portal He has teaching experience, as a professor of the Master on waste management at the Autonomous University of Madrid, and regularly participates as a speaker in meetings on digitization and environmental sustainability. Since 2015 he collaborates with Hablando en vidrio, blog about environment and recycling.

María Caeiro

CEO of the Caeiro Group. Mentor

Sara Torreiro

Sara Torreiro is a journalist by training but a communicator at heart. She is currently responsible for Marketing and Communication at Casa Grande de Xanceda. She is a full-time cow representative, she has the 6 mastiffs on the farm that make her CANsultores. In addition to the most marketing part, she also deals with the brand's Corporate Social Responsibility. You can find her in the office or in the congostras and pastures of Xanceda portraying the 300 queens of the farm, birds, salamanders, frogs... Her dirty secret is that as a child she was terrified of what is now her totem animal: cows.

Cecilia Mariño

More than 20 years of experience in human resources; I have had the opportunity to manage this department in large companies, all of them representative of leading sectors in Galicia.

My first managerial position was at Frinsa, later at Rodman Polyships and for 6 exciting years at ZENDAL. In December 2019 I took on the challenge of the digital transformation of the company.



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