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When you ask people who come to Galicia how they would define it, many times they tell you that it is a large village made up of many small villages. That smallholding marked for good and for bad our character, the way we communicate and, ultimately, our culture.

In a digital world, we can put an end to the bad part of this geographical dispersion and turn it positively, attracting talent that escapes from big cities, enhancing identity or lowering costs to compete in a global market. During this table we will speak with Galician companies that have taken advantage of the opportunity thanks to digitization and that today are benchmarks in their different sectors.


Oscar Miguel

Before 2005, I was a software engineering student, tech enthusiast, and young founder of an amateur motor blog called Diariomotor. Today, Diariomotor is among the top 3 Spanish media sites and we are conducting customer transactions in What car should I buy?

I have founded Civeta Investment (a group of venture capital fund investors) or The Fish Studio (UX design studio in New York). After that, I obtained my degree as a Veterinary Technical Assistant and now I am working as a process and development facilitator at Menéame.


Miguel Varela

Miguel Varela is a founding partner and CEO of TEIMAS, a company specialized in the development of technological solutions for waste management, focused on regulatory compliance, data traceability and the development of environmental sustainability strategies.

A computer engineer from the University of A Coruña, he is the founder of the environmental sector debate group Laboratorio de Ideas de Residuos (LIR) and the news portal He has teaching experience, as a professor of the Master on waste management at the Autonomous University of Madrid, and regularly participates as a speaker in meetings on digitization and environmental sustainability. Since 2015 he collaborates with Hablando en vidrio, blog about environment and recycling.



Santiago Dominguez

Degree in Business Administration from USC. After 10 years in management positions in an American multinational of Specialty Chemicals, Santi co-founded Mestrelab in 2004, a developer of scientific software for data processing and analysis of laboratory instruments in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries, which he directs as CEO. since then, growing until billing € 6.5Mn in 2020. Santi also co-founded in 2011 IMSPEX Diagnostics Ltd, in the United Kingdom, which he has directed as CEO since then, and has belonged to the Board of Directors of several ICT and biotech companies in Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.


Mónica Fustes

Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Vigo and with two master's degrees in Marketing Management and Commercial Management and Corporate Communication Management from EAE Business School, Mónica has years of experience in the area of marketing and advertising. She is currently the Head of Inbound Marketing at Docuten.


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