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Andrea Menéndez - Grovemakers

The Association of Merchants and Creators GROVEMAKERS was born in O Grove in 2018. The common denominator of the brands that make up this group is created. Among its partners we can find leather craftsmen, designers, screen printers, illustrators, fashion designers, book publishers, etc. The association has two main aspects: the commercial one ((organizing and participating in markets related to its creative philosophy and making the associated brands known) and the cultural one (scheduling training in artisan and creative fields, promoting the heritage of their town or lighting events as Creative Women). Two fundamental requirements are necessary to join: being from O Grove or residing in it and having a business (or proto-business) that meets the bases of creativity, originality and craftsmanship. One of the pillars of the association is the revitalization of rural areas, defending that if we have to invent a future for ourselves, it must have deep roots in our cultural past.

Erea Rodríguez - Skeirrum

Erea Rodríguez and Cintia Lomba created Skeirrum, a company specialized in personalized Street Escapes, an activity that combines the excitement of treasure hunting with the logic and enigmas of escape rooms. Each Skeirrum experience has a unique and exclusive story, specially designed for the occasion, allowing participants to develop transversal skills while having fun and learning. The theme of the stories can be related to the cultural heritage, gastronomy or other resources of the territory, as well as address specific issues such as Women's Day or climate change. We are currently very excited and motivated working on various projects, ranging from Skeirrums by boat to collaborations with companies, including experiences in educational centers.

Raquel Veiga Teijeiro - Ás do social

Together with my partner Noelia, I dedicate myself to creating careful and heartfelt projects, as well as designing materials and resources that complement our interventions and socio-educational training. After a decade of studies and learning: Specialization Course in Emotional Education at USC; Postgraduate degree as a University Expert in Family Intervention from the UDC, and extensive training and work in coeducation and equality projects, prevention of sexist violence, coexistence and prevention of bullying, conflict mediation, as well as emotional coeducation and comprehensive sexuality; I accompany children, adolescents and groups of women and families in different contexts and educational spaces, with the aim of rebuilding a freer and more egalitarian society.

Margarita Ardao


General Director of Entrepreneurship and Employment Support


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