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The iPRODUCE project, supported by the EU, introduces a new social manufacturing framework that includes companies in the consumer goods sector, their collaboration networks, maker spaces, DIY communities and other innovation actors. that can influence at the local level. To do this, it takes the well-known and well-proven way of working of FabLab and maker approaches, and introduces them into local ecosystems, transforming into a collaborative manufacturing model thanks to the installation of a demonstration pilot (cMDF, for its acronym in English). Under the iPRODUCE project, the local cMDFs will be interconnected in a flexible organizational structure that allows the exchange of knowledge, as well as the exchange of human and technical resources. In Spain, the network is made up of the Lagrama furniture company, the AIDIMME Technological Institute and the FabLab Ocean Orange of Valencia. At the Maker Faire Galicia we will present the study we have carried out on the current situation of maker spaces in Europe.




Manuel Martínez

Full Professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, he teaches Industrial Design and co-directs the Master Interactive Technologies and Digital Manufacturing. Director of the Digital Gap and Functional Diversity Chair. Researcher at the Center for Quality and Change Management, he participates as Principal Investigator in more than 25 projects, more than 90 publications, 4 patents and 9 supervised doctoral theses. He coordinates the FabLab Valencia network and belongs to the Spanish Network for Digital Creation and Manufacturing. One of the projects in which he participates is iProduce, an H2020 initiative in which they investigate the best model of social manufacturing



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