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The Grovemakers are a group of artisans, designers and creators from O Grove or who live here, who decided to found a collective to make our journey in the commercial and creative world easier and more enriching.

The association was born from the need to give visibility to ourselves, our projects and our town from a common platform. From the association, we try to promote creation not only from a commercial point of view but also as a cultural expression, emphasizing our Galician roots and the area where we originate.

The president of the association Leticia Castro, (AWA) together with the vice president Andrea Menendez (Carracuca) will present the association of creators "Grovemakers" making a recurring since its inception.




Leticia Castro

President of the association and creator of the AWA brand

Andrea Menendez

Vice President of the association and creator of the Carracuca brand

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