04/06/2022   17:30 - 18:00

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Due to a solidarity 3D printing project where makers from all over Spain altruistically participated printing toy planes for hospitalized children from all over Asturias and part of Porto, I wanted to share the experience, how it all came about, and show the benefits it can have 3D printing in society due to the multitude of sectors in which it can be used. Thus demonstrating that 3D printing can be applied with social benefit, contributing, bringing hope to hospitalized children and connecting hundreds of people for social work.


Andrea Ariznavarreta Márquez

I am a student who has just finished high school, a lover of technology and the maker world who, in addition to being awarded on several occasions for technological projects, have been the guiding thread of the #VOLARESDEVALIENTES project, where I organized makers from all over Spain to bring carry out the solidarity project. I have solid knowledge in printing and 3D design as well as electronics. Most of this knowledge has been acquired in a self-taught way by carrying out projects.

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