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How is a video game made accessible? Can people with disabilities play on an equal footing today? Javi Andrés, a journalist specializing in video games and accessibility, reviews and teaches in this talk for makers and anyone else some of the commercial video games that are references in accessibility. 

He will also teach lists and demos of video games outside the massive commercial circuit specifically created for the enjoyment of people with disabilities. tools to make a video game accessible from the very creative process and product development, adaptations, tips and tricks to configure a conventional video game meeting the specific needs of each profile, ingenious uses of new technologies, or the current state of regulated movement and procurement of the right to leisure on equal terms for all people, adding the business aspect and the commercial opportunity of producing without neglecting the public with disabilities, much larger and more attractive than many people imagine...




Javi Andrés

Javi Andrés is a journalist specializing in video games. He has been communicating about game consoles, computers and entertainment technologies for 15 years. He has passed through specialized media in electronic entertainment such as FreeGameTips, IGN Spain or eSports Vodafone. In addition, he has collaborated many times in general media such as El País or La Sexta.

He currently combines the Reconnected Podcast, a video game podcast that he leads and is one of the most listened to in Spain, together with his work in Communication and Image Management of the ONCE Social Group. Communicating and connecting with people with disabilities has allowed him to train more and more in accessibility in video games.

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