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History of how the maker culture took me from Santiago de Compostela to Silicon Valley. The creation of BactiDec, a medical technology device that revolutionizes surgical wound infections. How did the idea come up? What did it mean to go to Silicon Valley? Being a maker was the key in this adventure.




José Gago

Medicine student at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He has received several awards in fields as diverse as scientific research, competitive debate or the maker world.

CEO of BactiDec, winner of the 2019 National Explorer Award, a biotech startup that has created a device that allows the surgeon to know in real time the number of bacteria present in the surgical wound while operating. José is also part of the team that created Cooperavirus. The initiative put health centers in contact with companies and volunteers who were able to help them manufacture or obtain medical supplies during the first wave of COVID19.



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