04/06/2022   18:30 - 19:00

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Juan Antonio will tell us how he faced a sudden loss of vision that changed his life and for a time prevented him from doing what he liked the most, projects that solve problems.

After a rehabilitation process, today he continues to innovate and help the group of blind or visually impaired people with his solutions, being one of the referents of the ONCE Innova community and the creator of the 2.0 electronic cane.



Juan Antonio Sánchez

Was born in April 1982 in Adra, Almería, although he currently resides in El Ejido. In 2001 he finished the studies of Superior Technician in Electrotechnical Equipment and Installations with authorized qualification in Low and Medium voltage for Industrial Automation Systems, in the specialist category. Authorized installer in Telecommunications, Renewable Energies and special installations.

For 15 years he worked in the electrical sector until, in 2016, he was forced to leave the world of work as a result of a sudden loss of vision.

He currently uses his knowledge to improve the quality of life for blind people.



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