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By analyzing animal behavior, we can clearly see how from a young age we learn to develop our abilities through play. From lions to dogs to birds to dolphins, they all play, and humans are no exception.

So shouldn't we use gamification much more within the education system? What are the difficulties in doing it? And the advantages? These and other questions will be answered by the members of this table, who regularly use this resource in their classroom dynamics, both to motivate students and to better integrate knowledge.



José Viñas

José Viñas, graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Santiago de Compostela. He developed pilot school coordination tasks in various European science projects such as XploreHealth, InGenious or Go-Lab. He was a mentor in the international projects WorldBiotech and Design Squad Global. At present, he is a developer of the NBS (Nature Based Solutions) project, coordinator of the Erasmus + Being a Biomaker project, presenter in the TVG's Aquelando science outreach program and is a Scientix (European Science Teaching Platform) Ambassador for Spain.


Alfonso Iglesias

Alfonso Iglesias is a historian, specialized in Contemporary History, and works at USC as a researcher. A videogame fan, in 2007 he founded with Juan Gestal, a blog in which they published more than 4,000 posts and which achieved more than 50 million visits. He is currently launching several projects that link videogames with history within HISPONA, his research group. Among them the direction of a TFM in History and Videogames, a publication in preparation and several projects to use interactive leisure in the field of Humanities.


Millán Brea

My name is Millán and I am a Social Educator at Quérote +. I combine my profession with that of associate professor at the University of Vigo. Doctor in Education Sciences and Sexologist, I am currently chairing the first Galician Association of eSports.


Luz Castro

Luz Castro, doctor in computer science, video game designer and popularizer. She is an expert in educational and applied games (serious games). She teaches in the degrees of Audiovisual Communication and Digital Creation, Animation and Videogames, as well as in Design, Development and Marketing of Videogames at the UDC. Founding partner of imaxin | software. In 2012 she received the 1st Ada Byron Award from CPEIG.


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