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One of the areas where the Maker culture has generated the most impact in recent years is education, allowing technologies to be democratized to apply in the classroom in record time and at an affordable cost.

At this table we will have representatives from different Galician centers that have a maker space and are part of the so-called maker high school. This will allow us to know your experience as well as the advantages of this model or the keys to a good integration.



Conchi Fernández

I am Conchi Fernández Munín, professor of Technology at the Department of Education of the Xunta de Galicia, although I am currently developing my work from a teacher training consultancy linked to STEM / STEAM projects and the transformation of educational spaces. I am a creator of digital content, virtual courses and I have experience in ICT coordination and work teams as well as introducing the use of maker spaces in educational centers.

I manage well with technology and I love to tinker, “fix”, try, mess up and take advantage of everything that falls into my hand, be it a machine, robot or digital tool.

Lately I have been very attracted to 3D printing and the introduction of programming and robotics in educational environments from an early age.

My motto is to learn anywhere and at any time and incidentally take advantage of it to do a digital “evangelization” and promote the maker culture.


Moisés Iglesias González

I have a degree in Physics from the University of Santiago de Compostela and I´m a technology professor at the IES Arzobispo Xelmírez II of Santiago de Compostela. Within the maker ecosystem I have very varied interests, among them 3D design and printing, electronic assemblies with Arduino and other boards, programming and origami.

Raúl Valina Puente

I am a professor in the Department of Biology and Geology at IES Monte Castelo de Burela. Before this I dedicated myself for many years to work as a geologist, my original training. I like creative and collaborative work, especially everything related to audiovisuals, which is the area I dedicate the most to within the Maker Space of my center.


Juan Carlos Pérez Mestre

Higher professor of music and currently director of the IES A Xunqueira II in Pontevedra. In our center we are very involved in educational innovation projects and the Maker space or "educational poles" (as they are now going to be called) is the meeting point for most of them (SEMGal, Science Club, STEM workshops, STEMBach , participation in STEAM fairs, Parliament Xove, Plan Proyecta, Contract-Program ...). It seems to me that the implementation of these projects gives a plus to the classes, managing to involve a large number of students even outside of school hours.

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