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Natalia Monje - Ecos do Sur

Natalia Monje is a journalist and historian and developed her career in the field of communication media (written press, TV and radio) and archaeological and anthropological research, fields in which her work received recognition such as the Álvaro Cunqueiro Award and the Galicia Innovation Award of journalism, the Hierro Couselo of ethnographic research and the Juan Antonio Cebrián of Historical Dissemination, among others. Since 2011 she has been responsible for the Communication area of the ONGD Ecos del Sur and since 2016 she has led the CibeRespect line of work, which addresses the problems of hate speech and disinformation on social networks, through the introduction of new stories about interculturality and the use of technology for narrative transformation, as a motor of social change. This line of work was recognized with the Social Innovation awards from the La Caixa Foundation and Good Practices from the Galician College of Social Work.

Carmen Araquistain - Despunte

Despunte is a cooperative dedicated to design and engineering. We combine our technical skills with experience in creative and business projects. We specialize in 3D visualization of products for communication and we also carry out models and interactive projects. Despunte is made up of two engineering partners with experience in the fields of mobility, aeronautics and energy. Alex García Soto in charge of the design area and Carmen Araquistain, who deals with business development and communication. Public Works Engineer with a Master's in Innovative Urban Governance from EPFL, she has extensive international experience. She decided to undertake to work in the world of innovation from Galicia where she returned from Germany in 2020.

Daniel Fernández - Cogami

Daniel Fernández Longueira is responsible for the Social Economy Projects area in Galician. An initial training sociologist and restless by nature, he delved into the search for social improvement and minimization of the impact that people cause in the environment we inhabit throughout his studies of CSR, environment and project management. In his work as a consultant and social researcher, he knows in depth the needs of people with disabilities and collaborates in the development of action plans and projects focused on different areas such as accessibility, social inclusion, equality or CSR; always trying to fit all the pieces, to try to build a more just and sustainable world for everyone.

Ana Olveira

Consultant and Researcher in Cooperatives and Social Economy


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