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Valeria wants to inspire other girls to follow in her footsteps, to try technology-related activities so they can see that it is a lot of fun. She always says that she is a normal girl and that if she can do the things that she does, any other girl can too. She is clear that when she grows up she wants to be an engineer.

This young high school student will tell when and why she became interested in the technological world, how she began to use internet resources to learn about what she liked, since living in a small city like Huesca, she had to be more creative than if you lived in a big city with many more options. Valeria will accompany us on the journey through the technological world, from her participation in international competitions, to the work of inspiration and current dissemination of her among the youngest, which has recently led her to participate in the Got Talent program.



Valeria Corrales

At 12, she loves technology. She is 50% of ValPat, a YouTube channel that, together with her partner and mentor Patricia Heredia, aims to inspire, entertain and educate children around the world in technology, with videos of STEAM projects.

At age 8, she won her first technology award, at age 10 she was named Inspiring Girl of the Year by the Inspiring Girls Foundation. In 2020, she was voted the best STEM high school student in Spain at the STEM Talent Awards. And in 2021 she has achieved great visibility by successfully participating in the Got Talent program.


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