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My name is Lorena Quintas and I am from Ourense. In order for you to better understand how the Xogo de Fíos project came about, you need to know something about my personal history.

Since I was very little I have been struggling with arthritis that in recent years has caused me total visual functional diversity, with which I had to adapt my life to the new conditions. I attended the manual labor courses of the ONCE, a proposal that was for me a place of calm and peace in such a difficult moment in which I found myself. In those courses I got to know an activity that, from the first moment, captivated me, and that consists of drawing with threads using a piece of cloth, paper or wood as a base. I found in that manual work a space that allowed me to be free and in which I could develop all my creativity. Very soon, that thread design became a hobby, a passion and, later, a profession to which I dedicate a very important part of my life today. This is how the Xogo de Fíos project came about.


Lorena Quintas

Artisan in Xogo de Fíos

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