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Francisco Regusci and Lucas Requejo lead the creation of Lab_REA, a community which promotes a sustainable and resilient transformation of the Galician Agri-Food sector.

As a starting point, we’ll moderate this round table where we will debate on the present, future and all the opportunities that Maker Technologies offer to the Agri-Food sector, as a model from Galicia to the world.

The debate, which will last around 80 minutes, will count with two professionals who are already working on bringing this Future to the Present, creating a constructive exchange of ideas all together.

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Rubén Recamán

CEO of GALINSECT. Graduated in Business Administration, MBA and Master in International Trade. He has experience as a technician and export manager and as an international trade consultant. Galinsect is an insect farm. They specialize in the breeding and marketing of insects to provide a high-quality, natural, protein-rich food source.

Diego Arias

Xestal project manager and Development Area Director at Balidea. The XESTAL project is conceived with the general purpose of developing a hardware and software technological tool aimed mainly at environmental engineering and forest managers, which allows optimizing key processes in the management of forest resources, by automating and reducing the costs of taking data, the availability of updated information and added value for an improvement in decision-making, control and execution of the different actions involved in the Forest Management Plans.

Francisco Regusci

Uruguayan technology entrepreneur, with 10 years of experience. Last year he decided to shift his focus to impactful technology that he is working for. Passionate about the current food industry revolution.

Lucas Requejo

Founder and director of the social enterprise Prato_DO. Entrepreneur focused on inspiring change towards a sustainable lifestyle by contributing his talent to the common good. A technical architect with academic training, he has spent years dedicated to social entrepreneurship, food systems research, and the creation of social innovation projects. He is also the Director of the Ecotur Foundation in Galicia, a trainer at UNED and an economist on radio and press.

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