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In this talk, Dhaunae will talk about his origins and his professional career. In addition, she will relate how he came to dedicate himself to the study of ethics in artificial intelligence. She will explain what are the risks of artificial intelligence in the short and medium term and how we can avoid them.


Dhaunae De Vir

Dhaunae De Vir is a member of the Sabias Committee for the Digital Future of the University of Vigo and a Global Panelist of the MIT Technology Review. During the last five years, she has collaborated with various think tanks on Ethics in Artificial Intelligence.

Her Master's thesis in Technology Management led her to investigate the reasons for the slowness of the European Commission in proposing regulations on the development of Artificial Intelligence. Currently, she is conducting research for a Master's thesis in Computing and Software Engineering about the lack of standards in the development of Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, Dhaunae is a founder of the AI Ethics Alliance.

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