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O Sanatorio is more than a business project, it is a social, open and community space that encourages reinventing oneself, sharing and learning.

It was born before the demand of the current situation, where different generations converge, who want to be an escape route for restless minds. It seeks to be an open community for restless minds in different disciplines, facilitating social cohesion, always from dialogue and diversity, where cultural and artistic practices play a fundamental role in the development of our community.


Juan García

Juan García was born in Santiago de Compostela in 1971. He studied up to where the enthusiasm for the academic world understood that he had a journey, not so much because of the subject, but because of the use he could give it. In 1989 he entered the pharmaceutical industry, working in companies such as Laboratorios S.A.L.V.A.T., Esteve or Novartis. However, 20 years later he decides to open his own catering company: El Rincón de los Sentidos, S.L. A little later he opened a chocolate shop in Pontevedra (Xocoa) and, in 2005, his second company was born: El Rincón de los Momentos, S.L. In 2019 Movmalta is built, a project built with his daughter and, in 2019, Foodtambre, a food company in an industrial environment. Finally, the pandemic leads him to open up to a community project: O Sanatorio.

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