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Autofabricantes was born as a research project within the public call at Medialab Prado in the period 2015-2017. Developed and researched in community and open source myoelectric and mechanical hand prosthetics for children. The beginning of the research was born in Seville, with the project 'Exando una Mano' that raised all the questions of autonomy, diversity and self-management of resources from a personal position, but developed in a community to return them to any particular need. After the period of mediation/investigation in the public center in Madrid, the project continues its development as a working group and research project within the Prototyping Laboratory (PrototipaLab) of Medialab Prado, together with the support and collaboration of several third sector foundations and cultural sphere. It also connects with other development communities nationally and internationally. Since 2017 it has had the support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation within the Body, Health and Autonomy Laboratory.

Autofabricantes thus has a wide network of work, support and reference in continuous growth and with a long history. For two years, a stable community of research, development and design of personal technical assistance has been woven beyond the myoelectric hand prostheses for children with which it began. Different types of prostheses have been designed and used by at least 30 girls and boys and other lines of research are being developed such as a standing frame, a musical instrument adapted for children with cerebral palsy, behavior of 3D printing materials, complete arm prosthesis for adults and articulated leg prostheses. The research system always scales a personal solution to other families who participate in the research and creation of the prototypes.


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