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Alejandro Mosteiro

Systems Manager at the Information and Communication Technologies Research Center (CITIC) of the University of Coruña (UDC) since 2017. Experience in the field of system and network administration in the CITIC CPD, mainly managing environments of virtualization on VMware and Linux and Windows systems. Also, big fan of electronics, 3D printing and IoT devices. Currently studying the University Master's Degree in Computer Engineering at the UDC Faculty of Computer Science, developing this project as part of his Master's Final Project, with the aim of opening a possible line of research to begin his doctoral studies.

J. Carlos Dafonte

Professor at the University of Coruña, director of the Academic Chair in Cybersecurity and coordinator of the Systems Area of CITIC, Center for Research in Information and Communication Technologies. He has been a member of the DPAC (ESA Gaia Mission) consortium since 2017. He has been PI in multiple projects at national and regional level dedicated to the development of Gaia data processing, environmental sensorization, image processing and monitoring of pharmaceutical products. In the IT transfer section, he is the author of 9 software registrations, 6 of which are licensed to various companies. He was also the IP of 23 contracts with companies, amounting to more than € 1M, and has participated in more; He is also involved in initiatives such as the Navantia joint unit or European development programs for the industry such as Qualyman-Adapt, Push or Profyt.

Ángel Gómez

Part-time professor, associate professor in the Department of Computing and Information Technology at the University of Coruña (UDC) since 2009. He has professional experience as a systems analyst in the Computing and Communications service of the UDC since 2001. The results of His research includes participation in 12 publicly funded research projects. In the IT transfer section, he is the author of 4 software registrations, all of them licensed to various companies. He has also participated in 16 contracts with companies.

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