26/10/2021   09:00 - 10:00

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In an industrial ecosystem increasingly concerned with efficiency, sustainability and productivity, the implementation of technological tools and products is essential.

We know that companies in the industrial sector are making a significant effort to incorporate these technologies that allow them to be more efficient, sustainable and competitive. In many cases, the main problem they have is distinguishing those tools that are most interesting for them, and prioritizing their implementation.

In this round table we want to help you learn about various technological solutions that will allow you to meet your strategic objectives in the hands of startups with a long history and business expertise.

Event schedule:

1. Intro - explain the purpose and theme of the round table. (5)

2. Presentation of the 4 startups present (value proposition) (20 ')
 a. Teimas
 b. Lupeon
 c. Document
 d. If you m

3. Round table | questions: (30 ')
 a. What are the most relevant challenges in a collaboration project between a startup and a traditional industrial company?
 b. What advantages do we provide industrial companies, such as startups, with respect to other more traditional providers?
 c. What are the main concerns of the industrial sector and how can we solve them?

4. Question Time (+/- 5 ')


Dani Cerqueiro | CMO & Head of CS de Docuten

Graduated and Doctor in Physical Sciences, Dani Cerqueiro has been dedicated to ICT since 2004. After more than 5 years of experience at Docuten, he continues with his main occupation as director of marketing and communication for the company. He is also the president of Startup Galicia, and actively participates in the academic field with training activities related to Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship.

Miguel Varela | CEO en Teimas Desenvolvemento

Miguel Varela is a founding partner and CEO of TEIMAS, a company specialized in the development of technological solutions for waste management, focused on regulatory compliance, data traceability and the development of environmental sustainability strategies. A computer engineer from the University of A Coruña, he is the founder of the environmental sector debate group Laboratorio de Ideas de Residuos (LIR) and the news portal de

He has teaching experience, as a professor of the Master on Waste Management at the Autonomous University of Madrid, and regularly participates as a speaker in meetings on digitization and environmental sustainability. Since 2015 he collaborates with Speaking in glass, a blog about the environment and recycling.

Víctor Álvarez | CEO de Situm

Computer Engineer and Doctor in Robotics from USC. Víctor Álvarez is also a founding partner and CEO of Situm, a company specialized in indoor geolocation.

In just 7 years, the team he leads managed to turn Situm into a world benchmark in indoor positioning by overcoming the barrier posed by the absence of the GPS signal in these spaces for the development of guidance and monitoring solutions, without the need for large investments in hardware.

Luis Mandayo | CEO en Lupeon

Industrial engineer and CEO of Lupeon, engineering specialized in industrial 3D printing that offers innovative solutions and products to the industry since 2013, taking advantage of the advantages offered by additive manufacturing.

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