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Pilar Llacer

Senior Advisor in Human Resources. Philosopher specialized in Ethics, Digital Transformation, Talent and Culture. Doctoral thesis "The situation of ethics in IBEX 35 companies: an analysis of the mission, vision, corporate values and ethical codes"

Member for 9 years of the Management Committee and Corporate Director of Selection, Innovation, Training and Knowledge Management at Catenon. Consultant at PwC and CapGemini.

Currently, she collaborates in strategic advice for different companies on issues related to Education, Employment, Human Resources, Digital Transformation and Sustainability. Director of Curricular Practices and Director of the Work of the Future Center at EAE Business School (Grupo Planeta)

Javier Serrano

Programmer as a profession but always with a point of interest in the world of psychology, neuroscience and neurotechnology. He currently combines Mentiness with the position of CTO at Diariomotor and Menéame. He is also the founder of NeuroTechGAL, a chapter of the world's largest international neurotechnology organization, NeurotechX.

Clara Etchevers

Chapter Lead NeuroTechGAL

Clara Etchevers Rey has a degree in Biotechnology from the University of Barcelona, and a master's degree in Neuroscience from the same university. During her studies, she did research work in the field of cerebral ischemia. She currently works for the pharmaceutical industry and is part of NeuroTechGAL, with the intention of making neurotechnology closer to everyone.

Tamara Cutrín

Social Educator. Personal, Executive and Team Coach. Master in Cognitive Neuroscience. Throughout her professional life she has carried out various collaborations and professional projects and has always managed to perceive the human potential and work based on specific objectives, focusing on areas of Strategy, Management, Development, HR, Talent, Coaching.

She is co-founder of the professional association Grow Coaching and promotes two principles of Coaching and Neuroscience through her personal project Enabler Genius. She was part of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology at USC and is a Neurocoach collaborator of the international group led by Myles Downey.

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