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One of the obsessions of every Book Maker is to share knowledge in the open to democratize innovation, but what happens when we want to live from the knowledge we generate? Well, there arises a very interesting debate, since we are not always clear on how to make our principles compatible with our business idea.

To help us visualize it and realize that it is possible, in this table we will have examples of Spanish reference projects that live from opensource in different areas of the industry.



Clara García

Clara García Viñola, works as a visual and interaction designer at Kaleidos Open Source. Her professional experience is focused on design from the world of graphic design to graphic interfaces. She is passionate about the world of usability and an advocate for a more inclusive digital world. She always works focused on a user-centered design and involved in Open Source projects. She is currently a product designer at Penpot, the first open source prototyping and design platform for multidisciplinary teams.


Manuel Martínez

Full Professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, he teaches Industrial Design and co-directs the Master Interactive Technologies and Digital Manufacturing. Director of the Digital Gap and Functional Diversity Chair. Researcher at the Center for Quality and Change Management, he participates as Principal Investigator in more than 25 projects, more than 90 publications, 4 patents and 9 supervised doctoral theses. He coordinates the FabLab Valencia network and belongs to the Spanish Network for Digital Creation and Manufacturing. One of the projects in which he participates is iProduce, an H2020 initiative in which they investigate the best model of social manufacturing



Miquel Moretó

Miquel Moreto is a Ramon y Cajal Fellow at the Computer Architecture Departament (DAC) at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya-Barcelona Tech (UPC), and he is leading the High Performance Domain Specific Architectures team at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). He received the BSc, MSc, and PhD from the UPC. After finishing the PhD, he spent 15 months at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), affiliated with UC Berkeley, as a Fulbright Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Holder during 2011 and 2012.  In 2019, he led the fabrication of Lagarto, the first open source processor developed in Spain.


Dario Roa

As a robotics engineer, I am passionate about experimenting with technology and starting projects of all kinds. At PILZ we are promoting the digitized industry, using systems such as open source ROS (Robot Operating System) and artificial vision.


Rubén Beiroa

An electronics and automation engineer, his professional career has focused on the development of low cost solutions and the training of professionals for the integration of Open Source technologies in Industry.


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