Centro de Diseño Tecnológico Industrial del Valle

The project is based on the construction of an intelligent dome that allows vegetables to be grown autonomously and independently.

What is the project about?

The role of agriculture both in Colombia and throughout the world was taken into account; being the basis of the economy and in turn; which generates food safety and quality. This is why it becomes essential to create suitable mechanisms for innovation and implementation of new technologies that allow its growth. Based on the aforementioned, this project was carried out through a process of designing and building an intelligent dome that allows internally simulating a controlled and conducive environment for the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and vegetables, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. ) and automated control strategies. The purpose will be to offer the possibility to all people (regardless of whether or not they have knowledge in agriculture) to grow their own crops, as well as to facilitate planting in arid soils and thus improve the production chains and the quality of the food they produce. they will be consumed.


What is the purpose of this project?

Its purpose is to allow all people with or without knowledge of agriculture to be able to grow their own crops in rural and/or urban areas, promoting different climatic environments for the growth of crops according to their own characteristics. This allows giving the project a second purpose which is based on reducing food shortages in sectors that due to different circumstances (governmental, climatic and dry land) cannot have quality food.


How does the project work?

The control was carried out with an Arduino mega board for the acquisition of data taken by the different sensors and the sending of control signals to the actuators that will increase or decrease the temperature through the implementation of a PID in the intelligent Agrodome. This has the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through a 4k quality webcam and a raspberry pi 3 whose purpose is the processing of digital images to train a perceptron-type neural network that responds to the state of growth of the plant.

The Agrodome is powered by renewable energy through a moni-crystalline solar panel, an inverter and a battery. This system is in charge of feeding the control part and the instrumentation of the Agrodome, as well as analyzing the energy consumption of the dome for its study.

All data from the Smart Agrodome is sent to the cloud to be displayed in real time in a mobile application and on a web page, giving the user a monitoring experience of their crop from anywhere in the world. He will place the seed and the rest will be done by the smart dome, notifying the user through the application of the end of the crop to go on to harvest.


What does this project contribute to the Maker Community?

This project, having a high rate of innovation and being developed in open source, allows us to contribute knowledge and experience in the different areas of work such as control theory, implementation of image processing with artificial intelligence, application of Internet concepts of IOT things, mobile application development and database management in MySQL. Everything is focused on the functional development of a PMV that satisfies a need in the regional environment which can be scaled nationally and globally. This is thanks to the development of a qualified technology on a scale of TRL 3 to TRL 4 according to the progress currently made.


Who has carried out the project?

This project has been led by apprentices and instructors from the two research hotbeds SIITAM and CODEX belonging to the CENTER FOR INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGICAL DESIGN OF THE SENA VALLEY. This, in order to find a solution to the different problems that arise both in the department of Valle del Cauca and at the national level, such as: the low quality of food, the little knowledge in agriculture and the scarcity of suitable soil. for cultivation.

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