Colexio Mendiño

Amigx is a social entrepreneurship project to eradicate the feminization of poverty, end unwanted loneliness and promote sisterhood. Awarded in the EduCaixa Emprende Challenge 2021 category.

This proposal arises from a team 2nd year of CM of Commercial Activities Students from Colexio Mendiño:  Zoe Serodio Santos, Yaiza Domínguez Eijo and Laura Rodríguez Davila. They developed the proposal as part of their Small Business Management Module taught by Paola Bar, who uses the Agile Methodology and Lean Startup right up to the business plan´s conclusion.

Amigx is a free app with the aim of connecting women locally to promote the exchange of services in exchange for a virtual currency and solidarity that can be exchanged in local businesses. Among its main allies is FAGAMOS-Association of Monomarentais families de Galicia.

Team members:Zoe Serodio, Yaiza Domínguez, Laura Rodríguez and Paola Bar.


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