Colegio de Fomento Aldovea

Due to the pandemic, students with hyperactivity and impulsivity have experienced a complex situation in the classroom. Previously, they could move around the classroom or even go out if necessary.

Now they must remain seated, without getting up, with the only relief of the breaks that are usually short in addition in some cases encounter limitations in terms of space and activity.

We propose these static pedals that the students would have under their tables to use whenever necessary. Movement, mechanical and repetitive, not only does not obstruct their attention but instead helps them to manage their impulses. Thus, we will avoid the current circumstances impacting their academic and personal performance.

We also propose that the project is developed within the school itself in order to help students develop their STEAM skills.

Last but not least, we add a motor that converts motion into electricity. The goal is to use this electricity to charge each student's personal Chromebook through the movement they generate themselves using the pedals.

Clean energy, STEAM skills and personalized education all in a single project.



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