IES Plurilingüe Rosalía de Castro

When we go to the beach, we are always overloaded with: the bag, the beach umbrella, the deck chair, the towel, the shovels, the buckets ... Many times, in addition to carrying too much weight, we don't have enough hands to hold all the handles of the bags and other things. In order not to carry so many packages, this group of students from the IES Plurilingüe Rosalía de Castro came up with the idea of ​​creating a beach bag that can be converted into a sun lounger, thus saving space and more comfortable.

The result of the work was the Boltumbona, a bag capable of becoming a lounger simply by unfastening the zippers located on the sides and unfolding its three legs, the two smallest in the lower part where I would place my feet and the longest in the top part of the lounger where I would place my back and head.

It is built as a prototype with the ideal dimensions for a child, since it measures 1.2 meters long and half a meter wide, 20 centimeters high in the area of ​​the legs and 40 centimeters high in the area of ​​the head. When it is in the form of a bag, it has a capacity of 45 L, so it can store everything we need to spend a day at the beach. In addition, as the structure is made of hollow aluminum bars joined with brackets and screws, the Boltumbona is light and easy to transport.  

The total cost of the materials was around 110 euros, which is expensive for a lounger, but it must be taken into consideration that if it were being produced in a factory the cost would be much lower.

Team members: Irene Armesto, Candela César and María Costa.


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