CEIP Xoaquín Lourenzo Xocas

Project summary

It is an ICT esource in which we use a shoe box to give it another use and turn it into a sound box.


Who has carried out the project?

The project has been carried out by children from Early Childhood Education and their teacher.


What is the project about?

It is a box that, togethe with the Mickey Mickey board, becomes a guessing box where children  touch the keys on the top and must guess what is inside.

It is an inclusive activity because, if we have children with neae ( blindness) in the classroom,  everyone can do it at the same level.


What is the purpose of this project?

Give another use to a" useless" shoe box and turn it into one more resource in the classroom to work on a theme: domestic animals, wild animals, instruments, transport or a mixture of both.


How does the project work? (Technologies  used,  user  experience, etc.)

The project works with the computer and a mickey mickey board.


What does this project contribute to the Maker Community?

Show the possibilities of creativity that can be done with a Mickey Mickey plate and a cardboard  box, in addition to the reuse of materials to give it a new purpose.


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