IES Eusebio da Guarda

The authorities recommended keeping a distance of 1.5 meters with other people, and IES Eusebio da Guarda began to think about how they could ensure this could be achieved within their college. A possible solution was to design a device that you can hang, like a necklace, that warns us that we are less than 1.5 meters deep.

The objective of the project was not only to build the device, but also to increase awareness of the Maker Movement, to encourage creativity and that the students understand the importance of moving beyond an idea into action if not they will not matter or have an impact on the world. Thanks to modern 3D printers and components of different platforms such as Arduino, ideas now can materialize in a fast, economical and motivational manner.

The project consisted of several activities:

- Debate between the meaning of Science and Technology.

- Discussing what are the most important to the ideas and which should be executed?

- Discuss  the difficulties of building an anti covid necklace how it would work and the price of the 3D printers.

- Introduction to Maker movement with examples.

- Construction of Anti Covid necklace by following a simple construction manual.

- Start the production of the necklace and testing

- Carrying out the SCAMPER technique, so that the students can come up with ideas of how they could improve the anti covid necklace.

AntiCovid  necklace is about a simple project that awakened students' curiosity, an introduction into the maker world,unleashing their  creativity and most important of all they learnt that everyone can solve problems that matter to them with the help of  technology.

Here you can find the manual that will helps you to do this project at your center.


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