Colegio Salesiano Santo Ángel

How to educate our entire community and young people about COVID-19? The students at the Salesianos Santo Ángel Avilés School have developed an interactive mapping on a 2.5mx1.25m wooden panel that includes the WHO recommendations when interacting with others, the known symptoms of COVID and the impact that "the new normal" will mean in the near future.

To do this, they will only have to touch on the different topics on the panel and animated projection with sound will appear regarding the topic which they have touched.

For this interactive mapping, several technologies have been combined: Bare Conductive Touch Board, programming of said boards using Arduino IDE, as well as conductive inks. All this together with the management of new projection programs programmed using MadMapper sensors.

The students have designed and created all the audiovisual content and information that they want to make known to the entire educational community.


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