Colegio Juan de Lanuza

This project carried out at the Juan de Lanuza School in Zaragoza, consists of an intelligent modular system to control a hydroponic crop based on the monitoring of various parameters and automatically offering the plants everything they need for their growth.

It was carried out by the “advanced” group of the Family Robotics activity, which is made up of parents and students from the Juan de Lanuza School in Zaragoza. The younger students focused on creating the modular PVC and aluminum structure. Meanwhile, the older ones carried out the installation and programming with the Arduino Mega.

The device consists of several sensors that allow you to control the state of the plants by controlling various parameters such as air temperature and humidity, water temperature, pH and conductivity. In addition it also features several actuators such as a water pump, a grow light and a nutrient feeder to be able to offer water, light and nutrients automatically to the plants.

The device periodically sends the information to a web server via WiFi. At the same time, an application was designed that allows the data to be viewed from an Android device.

Currently the modular system is full of pumpkins and melons, which will soon be transplanted to the school garden.

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