CEE Lourdes - IES Zalaeta - CEE MMariño

Deseño e son is a Maker project with aspects of design and 3D printing, music and gardening coordinated from the IES Menéndez Pidal Zalaeta, (Zalatecno science and technology club) in colaboration with the CEE NªSra de Lourdes (Red-Aspronaga Class) and the CEE Mª Mariño de A Coruña (Gardening and Nursery PFFPB). They develop collaborative and inclusive projects.

A new project this year led them to get into the area of gardening in collaboration with the PFFPB of Gardening and Nurseries of CEE María Mariño. In this project they learn to improve plants and trees by making cuttings and grafts, traditional practices that allow them to learn to make and recognize the natural environment, emphasizing that, even in an urban environment, ecology is not just closing a tap. They introduced technology in these practices: recognizing techniques, tools, creating audiovisual materials and informative and interactive games.

Another of the projects they carry out is Music Makers. Together with groups of students from the collaborating centers, they carry out instrument construction activities (Red Class of Aspronaga) and soundtrack composition (IES Zalaeta) that complete the audiovisual materials.

The Red Class group (CEE NSra de Lourdes-Aspronaga) also creates maps and tactile geographic elements through 3D modeling and printing so that blind people can recognize the environment.

The centers participating in this project have very diverse backgrounds and characteristics, but they feel that together they have accomplished much more and have even more to learn together.

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