Project carried out by the VermisLAB Makers 4 group that is based on a smart pantry that records the amount of food there is and, in turn, is connected to an app to keep you informed and help you make the purchase.

The shelf works thanks to an Arduino NodMCU with Wifi that receives information from push buttons and weight sensors placed on the shelves. In this way it detects which shelf is missing a product or, in the case of the weight sensor, it detects how much product is left. All this data is sent to the ThingSpeak server.

The application, programmed with AppInventor, reports this data and helps to know what things are in the pantry and how much is left to better know what to buy.

Team members: Mauro García, Diego Rañó, Xela Rodríguez, Raúl Seoane, Mateo Prado, Samuel García e Martín.

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