IES Plurilingüe Rosalía de Castro

In the last year, many students had classes in classrooms that, due to ventilation to prevent the spread of Covid-19, were at very low temperatures. To solve this problem, a group of students from the Rosalía de Castro Plurilingual IES thought of combining a CO2 detector with an automatic window that opened when the limit of particles per million of this gas was exceeded.

During several weeks of work a CO2 sensor was programmed connected to a series of electronic elements previously configured with an Arduino. Finally, the construction of the window and its total placement was carried out.

The operating system is as follows: pressing the switch activates the entire circuit. On the LCD screen we can see the information provided by the CO2 sensor. When parts per million exceed 1000 the engine starts and blows for 10 seconds. The parts per million are consulted again: if they do not go down, it is ventilated for 10 more seconds and if they go down, the motor is activated and the window is closed.

The purpose of this project is to provide a simple, useful, inexpensive and safe solution to this problem. Many of the materials used are recyclable and allow you to give it a second life.

The model is delicate, but it is reinforced by different boxes that protect the interior and allow it to be transported from one place to another.


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