CEIP Ponte dos Brozos

EcoArte is a Maker project that mixes programming with blocks, virtual reality and caring for the environment, seeking environmental awareness of the entire educational community. The proposal of the CEIP Ponte de los Brozos Science Club students is to make visible and become aware of what would happen if we do not do a good treatment of waste and generate excessive garbage. Therefore they created virtual museums on the CoSpaces platform with recognized paintings and modified them, imagining how they would have been contaminated.

The process they followed was as follows:

- Search for the pictures on the Internet and modify them with the image editing programs to see how they would look if we do not stop polluting.

- Design galleries where to exhibit these pictures.

- Add characters that guide around the exhibition and who also offer environmental awareness messages.

- Make the pictures and the gallery interactive using the CoBlocks programming language.

Team members: María Begoña Codesal, Pepa Sanjurjo, Luz Pérez and Verónica Iglesias



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