Ferias FEDI is a web application for making 3D virtual faires and events. The aim is to offer a solution that adapts to any sector, is visually attractive and easy to use. The application is "self-service", it is a tool for a user to organize an event independently.

Three types of users take part in the process of use:

The event organizer acquires a virtual space using an intuitive web application that provides an editor to customize the venue and distribute the stands in order to meet their requirements and vision. Thanks to customization, the organizer will be able to make their faire have a unique and personal design.

 These stands are assigned to exhibitors, who can access the application to customize them, using a simple easy-to-use 3D editor. This editor offers a library of different items for this purpose. Exhibitors will also be able to upload their personalized logos, catalogs, posters and videos. We process this material using functions in Google Cloud and store it to facilitate its integration within 3D tools.

 Finally, visitors will be able to access the faire, once it opens its doors, using the visualization tool, available in two versions: one for web browsers and the other for mobile devices and tablets. With this tool they will be able to visit the stands and communicate with the exhibitors through a video and sound communication channel. They will also be able to manage the contacts acquired at the faire using a virtual agenda that helps them keep the information organized.

Team members: Jacobo Fiaño, Pablo Boullosa and Jesse Lago.


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