Colegio Salesiano Santo Ángel

This project arises from the fusion between Philosophy and ICT with the idea of ​​including STEAM skills in any area and / or subject, trying to enhance students’ artistic skills and looking for other ways to expose the contents of a subject, avoiding traditional presentations .

The students presented the theme of "The four causes of Aristotle" via a bust of the philosopher on a sort of urn. On the bust is visible a brain made in softcircuit divided into 4 parts in which LEDs of different colors were inserted into the corresponding area of each of the 4 causes of Aristotle. The respected areas are triggered through a button panel switch on the corresponding part of the brain’s LED and audio relating to that particular cause.

To do this, the students had to make the brain mold with MeshMixer, print it in 3D, once printed they filled it with silicone inserting LEDs into each one of the four parts of the brain. Later they designed the urn in Vectorial to be able to cut and engrave images using LaserCut, made a drawer as a fluxus box, and programmed the

TouchBoard board with the arduino IDE and the LEDs and they did audio editing, recording audios and soundtrack themselves. It also has an LCD screen to show information and famous phrases by Aristotle.

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