Fusibox 3D

Project summary

Space for makers to introduce their 3D printers inside and equip them with certain technology.

Who has carried out the project?

This project is being carried out by Alberto García, CTO & founder of


What is the project about?

We want to improve and facilitate the experience of 3D printer users, with an exclusive space adapted to their needs, where they can store their printer and obtain absolute control of printing thanks to all its built-in components.



- Easy access to the 3D printer through the web and/or APP. (Open and free software, Octoprint).

- Installation and configuration very quickly and easily.

- Set the temperature and humidity inside Fusibox 3D.

- Camera and microphone. Save your photos, videos, time lapse, stream and much more.

- Smart plug to control consumption, emergency stop, time programming.

- Robust structure with waterproof and dustproof fabric; thermal isolation; noise and vibration reduction.

- Quick access for maintenance and/or filament change.

- Storage space foldable and easy to carry.


What is the purpose of this project?

Make known all the products of


How does the project work? (Technologies used, user experience, etc.)

To make the parts, 3D FDM and MSLA resin printers are being used.

For the fusibox ecosystem to work, a PCB has been designed. A raspberry pi zero W is added to this to be able to access an Octoprint that Fusibox has customized. Thanks to Octoprint, the user will have access to all the advantages that Fusibox3D provides through the app and web browser.


What does this project contribute to the Maker Community?

As previously mentioned, this product provides an economical 3D printing space for the user who requires the advantages that Fusibox provides.


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