IES Maximino Romero de Lema

In the current environment that we are living in because of the COVID19 pandemic, it is very important to make educational centers safe places for the educational community. From IES Maximino Romero de Lema they continue to work in a Safe IES. This year it is of vital importance to ensure proper ventilation of the classrooms to avoid the spread of COVID19.

The Gavieiro project is developed, a low-cost CO2 meter to be installed in all classrooms that continuously measures the level of CO2 in the air and alerts when recommended levels are exceeded with an acoustic and visual signal. In this way the teacher can force strong ventilation in the classroom.

Gavieiro also measures atmospheric pressure and temperature, and stores the measurements in a database to be studied later in order to detect ventilation problems and avoid risks of the spread of Covid-19

Gavieiro is built with an Arduino compatible board (nodemcu) that has a CO2 sensor, an atmospheric pressure and temperature sensor connected. The box was designed and printed in 3D.

Team members: Marta Diz, Ángel Antelo, Fátima Martínez, Estéfano Moreira, Rubén Pena, Rubén Sánchez, Iván Suárez and Adrián Villar Busto.

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