Grovemakers. Asoc de Comerciantes y Creadores

Who are we?

The Grovemakers are a group of artisans, designers and creators who are native to O Grove or live here, who decided to found a collective to make our journey in the commercial and creative world easier and more enriching. The association was born from the need to give visibility to ourselves, our projects and our town from a common platform.

What do we do?

  Joining efforts in a transversal way, sharing the skills and experiences of each one in their field to make the path easier for me. Above all, from our association we want to bet on a circular, sustainable, social and fairer economy. Currently, the work areas of the members cover disciplines as diverse as: illustration, photography, graphic design, editing, framing, furniture restoration, jewelry, screen printing or textiles.

Our goals

__ Value creative and craft work

__ I will encourage creative entrepreneurship

__ We will make visible the work of new creators

__ Promote sustainability.

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