CIFP Ferrolterra

The project has been developed by a group of Basic FP from CIFP Ferrolterra of electricity and electronics and consists of the conversion of a domestic oven that was no longer used into an egg incubator.

The hatched eggs are from the Mos hen, one of the protected indigenous breeds, and the chicks born during the hatchery tests were put up for adoption.

The project is focused on highlighting the practical use of what is learnt in Basic FP and has a page where the entire process can be followed, in addition to being able to download the code for Arduino, the assembly scheme and the STL to print. It also has proposals to work in the classroom on the contents of the curriculum.

You cannot miss the birth of the chicks as you can follow the event via streaming these days. You also have the opportunity to adopt a chick (adopt form) for your center that would be delivered together with informative material by BOAGA on the Mos chicken. Adopt form.


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